Avoid these five mistakes when selling

Avoid these five mistakes when selling

Selling your home is one of the most important decisions you'll make, and you risk losing thousands of dollars in value if you take shortcuts with hiring qualified professionals to ensure the deal proceeds smoothly.

Adopting the For Sale By Owner approach (FSBO) can lead to a tangled web of issues that may have legal consequences.

If you are considering this option, this checklist will help you be aware of mistakes to avoid.

Rules change

Local laws and contracts are in a constant state of change and improvement. You need real estate agents and lawyers who will protect your interests.

Sales challenge

FSBO folks may think they're saving money on commissions, but most quickly discover there's much more to being your own agent than collecting the offers. The gravest mistake you can make is pitching the price either too high or too low. The former denies you buyers, and the latter denies the full value for your property.

Marketing support

Agents come armed with a suite of professionals whose expertise helps sell your property. These include those who place digital advertisements, promote your home to their agency database, and photographers and videographers.

Keeping it neat

A common challenge when you do everything yourself is to find time to prepare the home for sale and maintain its pristine condition. If your selling process drags on, you'll find it increasingly difficult to ensure your home is ready when prospective buyers request walk-throughs.

Failure to fix

Pretending that minor issues in your home don't exist is another significant error. Buyers are all about the details, and they'll see every problem and flaw. Minor issues like leaking faucets or cracks in paths should be addressed immediately, or they'll cost you money.

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